Our services

Dedicated move

We show our dedication to you by providing deliveries straight to your specified address and giving you the option to choose the day of collection, according to the most convenient time for you. This customized service applies to loads above 15 cubic meters or more.

Part load move

To change locations is usually not a cheap task and it is understandable that you would want to save money. Luckily for you, as long as your loads are up to 15 cubic meters, with us you can share the vehicle with other customers and reduce the price significantly. After all, happiness and sharing have always been connected.


Looking at a truck ready to be un/loaded and wishing you were a superhero is a daunting experience. Have no fear because at Space 4 Time LTD we are ready to give you a hand anytime you need it and even provide you with some special services.


Reliable package is the key to the safety of your belongings. We can take care of both packing and unpacking for you to save you time and to ensure that the goods will arrive in the condition they were sent in.


Nothing is more frustrating than having to search for the instructions how to disassemble the cabinet you bought 5 years ago. And then to spend an eternity actually taking it apart. Space 4 Time LTD comes one more time to the rescue by offering to take this burdensome task off your hands with our dismantling service.


With us you not only get a safe place to protect your belongings but you can also use it for indefinite amount of time, providing you flexibility, safety and comfort.

House Removals

Congratulations on your new home! Let Space 4 Time LTD’s professionalism and expertise help you with the entire removal process. Moving has never been easier!

Office Removals

Space 4 Time LTD provides outstanding office moving services specially tailored to all your individual needs. Our office and commercial removals / office moves division has proven itself to be irreplaceable with time.

Packing services

Safely transporting your belongings is of utmost importance to us. This is the reason behind the development of our professional packing service. Save time and rest assured that everything will arrive in the best condition possible.

Packing tips

Packing is a responsible task and you may need professional advice to ensure its success. Look no further because we have prepared a whole page with free and invaluable tips to assist you with your packing challenge.

Moving House tips

In need of structured advice on the tricky challenges of moving houses? We have you covered with a free comprehensive list of professional tips to make your life easier. No need to thank us!

Moving Home Checklist

Forgetting to leave the keys to the new owners or somehow missing to give your new address to the electricity board are both possible and extremely frustrating scenarios. Have no fear, with our free moving home checklist everything will be under control in no time.